UDON commitment to the planet

Thinking about the planet is the only way to think about the future. So, we got down to work and started to make a conscious effort. In our products, in our materials, and also in our way of thinking. So, we have implemented a global strategy to minimise the impact of our restaurants. With good waste management; eliminating unnecessary plastics and single use items, using energy efficiently and seeking out options with the lowest environmental footprint across all of our premises.

So far we have:

Eliminated 181kg of plastic by removing straws, disposable containers, porex and water and soft drink bottles

Optimised sorting and recycling in our premises

Reduced our emissions in order to achieve a carbon neutral footprint

Installed tanks that allow us to reduce any unnecessary consumption of water, gas and energy

Reduced paper in all our operations, saving 14 tons

Removed plastic from our packaging, using recyclable Kraft paper, compostable bioplastics, biodegradable inks and bamboo

Restaurants with a conscience

Fostering motivation between teams is key to making progress. And growing only makes sense if we can grow together.

To make this a reality, we have created our own sustainability charter. The aim is simple: to work towards a more responsible mindset. And of course, ensure the well-being and motivation of our team.

One step forward

For the coming years, we intend to continue with our strong environmental commitment. Always aiming for maximum respect towards the environment and sustainable development. These are some of the goals we have set for the near future:

Reduction of emissions

We propose to reduce our emissions by 20%. We intend to create a compensation plan for reforesting forests in Spain.

External communication plan

We will inform our clients of our transition to a more sustainable policy.

Sustainable energy use

Our goal is for 80% of our restaurants to use renewable energy.

ECC commitment

We have joined the ECC to improve and raise the standards of animal welfare in the chicken industry.

Materials with a smaller ecological footprint

We are replacing our conventional uniforms with items made from organic cotton.

Sustainable aquaculture

All of our salmon comes from suppliers that comply with the Sustainable Aquaculture certificate.