The story of UDON Asian Food

The story of UDON began in 2004. Travelling, a lot of curiosity, and a palate open to new flavours led the two founders of UDON to fall in love with Asian culture and cuisine.

It was love at first sight and the charm is still there. Their passion for the flavours, aromas and colours of Asian cuisine led them to open their first UDON in the Born district of Barcelona. They imported the concept of “noodle bar”, still unknown in Spain, but with a tradition of more than 400 years in Asia.

At UDON we rediscover the healthy, balanced and nutritious character of Asian cuisine, which is one of the healthiest in the world. We follow a simple formula: health and taste. We love to savour century old recipes, made with high quality fresh raw produce. And to make everything perfect, we prepare the dishes as we like to eat them: always cooked to order.

Our innovative character and restless palate, always on the search for new flavours, has led us to create a menu with more than 40 different dishes. All inspired by Asian recipes made with high quality ingredients.

Asian Food. These two words, so simple and clear, tell our story. 

Our values

What drives us, unites us and inspires us, what motivates us and gives us strength to continue to move forward and grow with ambition, day after day.

PEOPLE first

Respect and teamwork among all people. We want teams full of happy people, who feel free to reach their full potential and share their knowledge. Because together we are better.

PLANET lovers

We always act responsibly and with honesty. Because we are aware that what we do has an impact, and we want it to be positive, for society and for the environment.

PRODUCT matters

We seek excellence in the product we offer. The best ingredients, from Asia and from here, to offer the best flavour and respect the planet. Good for people and good for the environment.

PASSION driven

We are passionate about what we do. Making people happy with our food. Sharing our passion for Asian culture. Working every day in the best way that we can.

As sustainable as possible

At UDON we strongly believe in an idea. That if it’s good for the planet, then it will be good for people too. Being environmentally responsible is an attitude that we carry in our genes. We make every effort to guarantee that both our food and the running of our restaurants are as sustainable as possible.


Let’s start at the beginning. With the most essential aspect of any recipe: the product. We take care in the way we choose our ingredients. That’s why we prepare our dishes with taste and the sustainability of the planet in mind. We are committed to organic, animal welfare certified and locally sourced products.


Thinking about the planet is the only way to think about the future. That’s why we work consciously, considering all of our actions. From the beginning, one of UDON’s goals was to be a sustainable company that respects the environment. That’s why in 2017 we implemented a global sustainability plan that materialises and accounts for our actions in an objective manner.


The heart of the business. Without the team that makes up this project, we would not have made it this far. That’s why one of our aims is to bring value to people. Caring, training and helping to make UDON an ideal place to grow and share.

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