Hight quality fresh organic product

Each year, we increase the number of products certified as organic, locally sourced and animal welfare friendly. We currently serve more than 24 organically certified food products. And that’s just the beginning. To achieve our goal, we have developed a product and service purchasing manifesto that incorporates environmental and social criteria in the choice of our suppliers.

What we do

We cooked 168 tons of certified organic vegetables in 2020

We are committed to locally sourced fruit and vegetables

We work with farms with animal welfare policies

Our eggs are free-range, from cage-free hens

We offer vegetarian and vegan dishes with plant-based protein. To add variety and reduce the carbon footprint of our menu.

In defence of animal welfare

Respect for animals is key to guarantee the future of the planet. At UDON we work with suppliers that certify animal welfare in their products.

100% chicken, pork and beef from farms with animal welfare policies.

100% of our salmon comes from suppliers that comply with the Sustainable Aquaculture certificate.

We have signed up to the ECC partnership to continue improving the welfare of chickens.

We are noodle experts

Noodles are the base ingredient of our stir-fried and soup specials. They are a perfect way to enjoy a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. In our restaurants, you can find four types of noodles:


Thick noodles made with wheat flour, water and salt.


Thin noodles made with buckwheat flour.


Thin noodles made with wheat flour, water and salt.


Thin noodles made wheat flour, water and salt.

Even our rolls are made with noodles!

We started as a noodle Bar and we continue with noodles at the heart of our menu. Our rolls are made with noodles instead of rice. That’s why they have that unique flavour and consistency that has made them one of our best selling dishes.

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