Eating healthy and delicious is possible. At UDON we are committed to health-conscious and organic food with the use of ‘Km 0’ produce. We cook only with top-quality and daily-sourced ingredients, and we make sure that all our dishes are freshly made. Our passion: to offer our customers the best experience in every sense, so that they never grow tired of visiting us.


Tradition with a Mediterranean touch

The adaptation of Eastern recipes to our Western cuisine and the constant search for new flavours, on which our R&D department focuses, enable us to offer intense and delicious flavours.

tradicion oriental udon

Locally sourced:

Kilometre 0

Our philosophy is to use 'Km 0' produce. We work with local crops which are treated naturally, conserving all their nutrients. Because things that are made by hand, with love, have a special quality.

comida saludable udon



We work with organic products that have not been made with chemicals or non-authorised additives. At UDON we want to add our contribution in order to guarantee the protection of the environment in which we live to help make a better world.

ecologico sostenible udon


feel good

Healthy food, fresh ingredients. All our dishes are freshly made. We want to make our customers happy by offering a varied and health-conscious menu with beneficial attributes for their body.

“We have been working with UDON for 13 years, since they opened their first premises in the Born quarter in Barcelona. They are committed to fresh, top quality, organic and locally sourced produce. Without a doubt, this is the formula for success.”
“I am a small producer from the Maresme region. I have been working with UDON for a number of years and all I can say is that it is a serious company, committed to the environment and strongly supporting local farmers.”
Oriol Magrans PRODUCTOR